I really miss this guy.

I really miss this guy.

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Hannah Georgas - Millions

"Millions" by Hannah Georgas was the closing song of episode 6 (season 3) of Girls.

Source: SoundCloud / Dine Alone Records

Download Now: Invisible (RED) Edit Version by U2


U2’s “Invisible” will be part of the Super Bowl tonight, but you can download it now on iTunes. Download “Invisible” for free and Bank of America will donate $1 to the Red campaign.

Love it already.

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"It’s sort of like sediment of rocks. You’re building up a mountain and you get to contribute your little layer of sedimentary rock to make the mountain that much higher. But no one on the surface, unless they have X-ray vision, will see your sediment. They’ll stand on it. It’ll be appreciated by that rare geologist." [via @dflieb]

A great quote from one of my favorite Steve Jobs interviews.

At the time of this interview, maybe his contribution to the world was only a “little layer of sedimentary rock”, but now — he’s immortal.

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